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Shuva Roy


The music market is now at the forefront of popularity and trade.Adoration of Shuva Roy and his songs is going on in the world of audio market, stage show and internet. Shuva is now going through a colorful spring with music. This young sailor has anchored in the hearts of countless fans or ‘lovers’. There are rumors in the media about his love, there is also news of separation. That’s right! If not, what is the star again? Shuva Roy’s love story and lovers are found in this special talk.

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What is Shuva Roy thinking about Love


Bentmate: Love. How is it?
Shuva Roy: It is a very sweet and complicated process. It can also be called ‘Delhi Laddu’ again! [Laughter of mystery in voice]

Bentmate: Even if you play, you are in pain, even if you don’t play …
Shuva Roy: That’s a lot. But overall the thing is quite adventurous. Life needs.

Bentmate: Tell me more…
Shuva Roy: Look, love is believing in each other. There is no faith, there is no love. As a result, faith in any love is the main condition. Very [in a very serious voice]

Bentmate: There is a lot of experience in your words. How was World Love Day? Or busy with the show…
Shuva Roy: No. This time there was no show. I was completely free.

Bentmate: Shuva Roy show was not on February 14, 2016! Or someone has agreed not to be busy on the day…

Shuva: No no. Nothing like that. All the shows don’t come to me anymore. If you don’t really like it, don’t. This time it has happened. Didn’t get the show I wanted. So I was free all day.

Bentmate: How was the day?
Shuva Roy: Very nice. I woke up in the morning and sat down to watch TV. I ate my mother’s cooking with ease. After a long time, I felt like a very free bird on this day. Because a month and a half has passed in a very restless time with continuous shows and recordings. There was no such rush on Valentine’s Day.

How are the recent days of Shuva?

Bentmate: Didn’t come out that day! Look, shake it a little. At this age, can anyone sit at home with a flag of such popularity in hand?

Shuva Roy: I haven’t been home all day. I’m out. Went to the bank at noon! Not going for a long time. There were some economic complications. I went to the bank to solve it.

Bentmate: The bank is supposed to close in the afternoon.

Shuva Roy: I left before it closed. We walked around until midnight with five or seven friends, chatting.

Bentmate: There is no point in asking you questions. Say something, even if it’s off the record. Didn’t you have a special time for ‘her’ these days?

Shuva Roy: No. If I had, I would have dedicated the whole day in his name. Honestly, I don’t have anyone like that now.

Bentmate: Hmm. Then he could have gone to a big show that day.

Shuva Roy: No. Didn’t hang out with friends? I can’t always find the time. I had a lot of fun with friends that day. That too is love.

Shuva Roy Love
Shuva Roy

Shuva leaked His Love Story, Crush And Girlfriend Name


Bentmate: But then you say, you have not yet made love or read? Or say like the memorized dialogue of the stars, ‘Song is my first and last love’!

Shuva : I will not say these things at all. Look, I don’t have anyone like that now. But it was before. Maybe in the future. In fact, all this is no longer happening.

Bentmate: Then listen to the back. Certainly not countless! As a result, talk about love a little behind.
Shuva Roy: What more can I say! [As if drowning in the sea in shame]

Bentmate: Didn’t you fall in love with any heroine-singer in your childhood?

Shuva : [After such a question, as if you found straw in the deep sea] I have read a lot. My first choice was Aishwarya Rai. Kajal also liked it again. I fell in love with these two.

Bentmate: Normal. It’s about reading. So there was someone like that in the country…
Shuva Roy: in the country too. But I will not say the name. What do friends say again!

Bentmate: Will you come to reality from the screen now? In school-college days…

Shuva Roy: I fell in love with a lot of people in class nine and ten. Those are one-sided. I did not get a chance to inform many. But I can still clearly see those strange loving days. I remember standing at the school gate for hours after school to catch a glimpse of those lovers. I still really miss those days.

Bentmate: Now the day has changed. You are the star. There is a conversation with the lovers of ordinary life left behind!

Shuva Roy: Absolutely not. I don’t even know who they are now.

Bentmate: Then that [hint media love story]
Shuva Roy: He no longer has ‘after’. Everyone is yours. Now I’m with the song.

Bentmate: Sometimes there are rumors of love in the media. Say the sure answer – ‘All lies, baseless’.

Shuva Roy: Of course, all lies are baseless. The media has friendships with many, was. It is not acceptable to confuse a friend and a lover.

Bentmate: But did your friend ‘retire’ after coming to the media?

Shuva Roy: Not exactly. Still effective! I’m still looking for the truth. Not exactly matching the mind. Honestly, I would feel selfish. I don’t want my music career to be damaged by the love of someone. I just want to be immersed in the love of music for at least the next four to five years. Music is a subject from which there is danger only when the mind is disturbed. Believe me or not, singing is like worship to me.

Bentmate: That means you are planning a direct marriage.  in love does not want to eat.

Shuva Roy: Yes. I really want a lover like a mind. But not to the detriment of the song. Because if the person I’m going to fall in love with is more likely to love him than the song, I’m sorry. That’s why I’m alone for now. Where can I find that patient and selfless lover now?

Bentante: what is your girlfriend name? Can you share us who is Girlfriend?Shuva Roy: Yeah My Girfriend name is Tania Das.She is ver loyal to our realtionship

Bentmate: When are the wedding plans?

Shuva Roy: Not three years ago. There is a desire to have a ‘full-length’ marriage with ‘short-length’ love. That means I will love him for a short time and marry him for life. I do not know if I can find that short lover!

Bentmate: If not available after five years! But the advertisement that you have to print to find that desired lover-wife, will mention the qualifications of the bride!

Shuva Roy: Please don’t go to the advertisement! But my first wish, the bride must be beautiful! It is important. Then naturally I have to have a good mind and respect my music life. That’s it.

About Shuva Roy

More Information About Shuva Roy
  • Shuva’s Birth Palace  Mymensingh Birth 
  • Shuva Roy’s Girlfriend  name Tania Das
  • Shuva’s Father Name Jibon Das
  • Shuva Roy’s Favourite  Drink ‘s  Bangla Mod
  • Shuva as a Musician Travelled  in  USA,UK,Canda,India


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