GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST is a platform where anyone can share his school life history. Golpe-SHOLPE PLAHST is a platform for POLICE LINES ADARSHA HIGH SCHOOL,TANGAIL. Once can share his thoughts about his school by this platform.There is many kind of usefulness of this programme such as communicate with other students of his batch or another students from different batch. They can make strong there bonding by this platform.One can lost there school memories by GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST.We are really feel proud to organize this kind of programme.


  • Tahiat Sami(Director SSC- 2019)
    Nazmus Sakib(A.Director SSC- 2019)
    Istiak Ahmed Shimul(Main Technician SSC – 2019)
  • Nadia Shimu (Main Scriptwriter SSC- 2019)
  • Anika Ashraf Orthy( Host SSC- 2020)
  • Irfan Sadiq Ratul(Host SSC – 2020 )
    This is the team who has make this programme too much great.

GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST all member introduction

Who is Tahiat Sami?

Tahiat Sami Golpe Sholpe Plahst
Tahiat Sami

TAHIAT SAMI is the director of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST. He is an ex-student of Police Lines Adarsha High School,Tangail. His SSC batch is 2019.He is fond of cultural activites.He is a great fan of “MAHANAYAK UTTOM KUMAR”. TAHIAT SAMI is very crazy for song. Kishore Kumar and Arijit Singh are his favourite singers. He get the idea to make the show from the host Irfan Sadiq Ratul.He was made facebook live for just fun purpose . And after that Tahiat has given a prpose to Ratul to host a programme

which is mainly happen with the ex-students of POLICE LINES ADARSHA HIGH SCHOOL,TANGAIL. Ratul was too much happy after hearing this idea. So that’s how the programme eventually starts.

Who is Nazmus Sakib?

Nazmus Sakib golpe sholpe plahst
Nazmus Sakib

Nazmus Sakib is the co-director of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST. He is also an ex-student of POLICE LINES ADARSHA
HIGH SCHOOL,TANGAIL. His SSC batch is 2019. He is generally a gentle boy. He can do anything with his own
duty. Tahiat and Sakib both of them are good friends. They mannage this programme very politely.Sakib is very
jolly mind man. He loves to do reading novels,story books etc.Sakib is not only the co-director but also the graphics designer of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST. And he has done his job very nicely.Sakib has done all the thumbnails and all the accesaries is need for GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST.


Whois Istiak Ahmed Shimul?

istiak Ahmed Shimul main technician
Istiak Ahmed Shimul

Istiak Ahmed Shimul is the main technician in GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST
Istiak Ahmed Shimul is the only one person who has done his job in the technical site. In his team he is known
by technical boss. He is a also a ex-student of POLICE LINES ADARASHA
HIGH SCHOOL, TANAGIL. He knows everything about ICT sector. He is fond of IT sector work such as- Programming, Web designing, etc etc. Istiak is very calm and cool guy. He is as cool as a cucumber.Shimul is also fond of cultutaral activites. Tahiat and Shimul are also very good friends.They know themselves very well. Eventually in one word they are best friends.Shimul is very friendly person.

Who is Anika Ashraf Orthy?

Anika Ashraf Orthy Female Host
Anika Ashraf Orthy

Anika Ashraf Orthy is  the Female hosts Of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST.She is a very clever girl.She is also an ex-student of POLICE LINES ADARSHA HIGH SCHOOL,TANGAIL. She has a very presence of mind .She knows her  job very well. She has handeled all the difficult moments in the show. She loves to read novels which mainly written by Sharadchandra Chattopadhyay and Humayun Ahmed.
She is also a big fan of Bangla songs and bengali singers. She can host any programme, That’s why Tahiat has selected her.

Who is Irfan Sadique Ratul?

Who is Irfan Sadique Ratul
Irfan Sadique Ratul

Irfan Sadiq Ratul is The Male host of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST.He is a very clever boy and he has done his job very well. Ratul is also an ex-student of POLICE LINES ADARSHA HIGH SCHOOL, TANGAIL. He is a very jollymind person.He has a great job when he went to the Facebook live .After that director Tahiat had the idea to do this show GOLPE-SHO
LPE PLAHST.So obiously Ratul is a very important part of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAH
ST . Ratul is also fond of cultural activites Such as- bengali songs and as like the
director Tahiat he also like to watch old bengali movies.He also like to read poetry. He like various kind of poetry such as- Romantic, Comedy etc etc type.Ratul is very close with everyone in the team of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST.Specially with the director Tahiat Sami .

Who Is Nadia Shimu?

Nadia Shimu

Nadia Shimu is the main script writer of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST.Nadia is also an ex-student of POLICE LINES ADARSHA HIGH SCHOOL,TANGAIL.Nadia Shimu is an important part of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST .She is a very clever girl. She is the script writer of GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST. She knows her work very well.She
Is a crazy fan of BTS.She has written all the scripts perfectly. Nadia is very close with the director Tahiat. Nadia’s scripts has taken the in a different level.So the whole team is too much grateful to her.


Quick Information About GOLPE-SHOLPE PLAHST

Director Tahiat Sami
co-director Nazmus Sakib
Main Technician Istiak Ahmed Shimul
Female Host Anika Ashraf Orthy
Male Host Irfan Sadique  Ratul
Srcipt Writter Nadia Shimu
Episode  5
Years Active 2021-present
Social Media Profile
INSTGRAM No Verified Profile


  1. EPISODE-1:Sami Tahiat & Nazmus Sakib
  2. EPISODE-2:Farzana Moon & Sadia Islam. Surprising Guest- Mahtab Mahi
  3. EPISODE-3:Romon Ahmed &Tanjit Sateel. Surprising Guest- Jawad Mahmud
  4. EPISODE-4:Sumaiya Alom Shimu & Sultana Islam Luna
  5. EPISODE-5:Istiak Ahmed Shimul & Rajin Saleh Prince. SURPRISING GUEST: FULL

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