Today marks the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence. Today, the name of Bangladesh is pronounced all over the world. This country of red and green has taken place in the world court.

Red and green Bangladesh after 50 years of independence. The whole world is watching this small country move forward. Bangladesh is now established not only in terms of economic indicators but also in terms of social development. Achieved in less than fifty years by tackling various animosities.

There have been many injuries in the last fifty years. However, Bangladesh has turned around again and again. Now this country is developing by setting far-reaching goals. One of the main assets of which is the people of this country.

Prominent people say that the achievements must be sustainable. We have to learn from fifty years of experience. In the blood of three million martyrs, independent Bangladesh has come and taken its place among the developing countries in fifty year

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